Kraft paper in rolls

Russia is famous for its Northern forests. Paper made from Northern species wood has the best technical indexes, high water resistance, it's environmentally friendly, durable and has a good visual quality.

Virgin paper — made of 100% unbleached pulp, high-quality paper from cellulose fiber without addition of recycled raw materials.


MG paper - one-sided machine glide paper. Suitable for wrapping any product, both food and non-food, making paper bags for fast-food, and other paper products.


Recycling paper – could be totally from recycled raw materials, or could be produced from 65-80% cellulose + 35-20% recycled paper of the first cycle after production, which has not been used anywhere else.


Colored paper – can be any color. Uniform coloring on both sides uniform. Colored paper does not get paint peeling.


We produce paper of various densities, which can be from 28-140 g/m2.


Paper can be made according to your individual order for density, colored, paraffin application etс. Individual orders from 10 Metric tons.


An important factor is that all our paper can be suitable for any paper packaging for food.

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