Production for export of high quality kraft-paper packaging


reputation proven by decades of  experience
reliable material and guaranteed quality
timely filling of  commercial orders
fair and competitive market price
compliance with International Safety Standards

It's no secret that first impression is keystone to success not only for people, but for goods as well. Therefore, it is crucial that your product has not only good quality, but either attracts attention.

Our packaging outstands with its sustained quality, it is beautiful and recognizable by customers. We are sure, your customers will be pleased.

Using the state-of-the-art equipment, we will apply any images and your corporate logo to the kraft paper (which is not only trendy, but also eco-friendly). And the most important fact – we do not limit your imagination! At all times you can order packaging of any shape, color and size, which will give the product an individuality, preserve its quality and become a real distinction mark!

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